Dec 15, 2011

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Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A-A03US 11.6-Inch Slate (128 GB, Win 7 HP) - Dock and Keyboard IncludedInitially I was on the fence about purchasing a Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A-A03US, since it was at the higher end of my budget and there were a lot of mixed reviews. Fortunately one of my colleagues had purchased one and I was able to test it out a little before purchasing one for myself. After much thought and comparing with other tablets, I went ahead and bought the Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A-A03US. So here is my XE700T1A-A03US Review.


My Review After 2 Weeks

Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A-A03US I’ve had the XE700T1A-A03US now for about 2 weeks and so far so good. I like how big and clear the screen is. It’s almost like a laptop except it’s lighter in weight, easily portable, and the clarity of the display is way better, not to mention much faster performance and response. It has an Intel Core i5 dual-core processor and 128 GB SSD which makes booting and shutting down the unit much quicker, only a couple of seconds (3 seconds max for me at least) until the tablet becomes fully efficient and you can start using it. The GBs seem to be taken up by some software easily, but still leaves a pretty sufficient amount for other activity.


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 The Webcam, Stereo Speakers, Digitizer Pen And Keyboard

The webcam, camera, stereo speakers, digitizer pen and keyboard are all fully functional. The right click button on the pen is an added plus. I haven’t yet experienced any kind of discrepancies while using them. Hopefully it continues that way.


Internet Connection Problems every now and then….

Every now and then I would have some problems connecting to the internet and it’s usually when the tablet is unplugged. I don’t know, maybe it’s my wireless service. I’ll have to look into it some more. But when I go to WiFi spots in the area, no problem connecting to the internet at all.


The Power US Has To Be Pointed Out

I also like how sufficient the power of the tablet is. I’d usually be using it for around 3 to 4 hours a day and one time I hadn’t charged it for two days and it still had some power left for at least another hour. Pretty good, especially since I’m the kind of person who usually forgets to charge devices. My phone is always on low bat. -> Read other Customer ReviewsCLICK HERE


Unboxing Video


XE700T1A-A03US And Web Browsing

When web browsing I usually have multiple tabs and windows opened, on my PC this usually slows down the performance quite considerably if it doesn’t freeze altogether. I like how the Samsung 7 includes Hyper-Threading Technology which can handle all that activity while still delivering fast and responsive performance.
Some of the features like stylus/touch, lighting, and document sharing are easily customizable by tweaking your settings, very user friendly.


Some More Features  That Have To Be Mentioned

Other great things about Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A-A03US:
1. Streams videos and games easily
2. Includes a full version of Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
3. With a U-HDMI port, you’re able to connect it to a home theater that delivers great audio and sound


Review Conclusion

The XE700T1A-A03US is a great tablet and worth the money. I’m very satisfied with my purchase of the Samsung Series 7; I even think it’s much better and more practical than an iPad, which has limited capabilities in comparison.

Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A-A03US 11.6-Inch Slate (128 GB, Win 7 HP) - Dock and Keyboard Included-

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