Sony BDP-SX1000

17 January 2012

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Sony BDP-SX1000 reviewI have of a collection of several electronic appliances and one of these that I own is the portable blu ray player Sony BDP-SX1000. This is like a laptop which I can easily operate with its touch keys. I can insert my USB here anytime if I want to watch movies or listen to my favorite music. It has a 10.1 high resolution LCD screen that can be swiveled in 180 degrees direction. It has a dimension of 12.2 x 7.4 x 12.4 inches and weighs 6.1 pounds.


I Take It With Me Almost Everywhere I Go!

Sony BDP-SX1000 is a Blu-Ray player that I oftentimes take with me anywhere I go. I take this either on my business trip and also use it during my leisure time. I have also used this during picnics and we used it to either listen to music or to watch movies. As you can see, I do not only watch movies on… I additionally use  it to enjoy my bonding moments with my kids by playing computer games with them. -> Search for the lowest price CLICK HERE


I love the Remote Control

If I don’t want to touch the keys, I can simply use the remote which is included in the package. I am enjoying using this Sony BDP-SX1000 because what is even more important for me is, it amuses me the way I want it. So far it satisfies my needs for a short term entertainment.

Sony BDP-SX1000It has good quality sound that emanates from its built in speaker. This can be charged by a cigarette adapter. If I want to watch my favorite movie on a bigger screen, I just connect this in our 21 inches TV set. But although this has HDMI port, I have to buy my own cable for it because cable are not included in the package.
The inputs are uncomplicated and I can deal with it easily.  So far its performance is good for a DVD. It has head phone jacks where I can insert my head phone if I want to enjoy the sounds by myself. I can also easily download additional movies or music through it. Its portability enables me to share this with my friends and family.

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Since it works well for me, I bought another Sony BDP-SX1000 which I gave as a gift to my sister who has the same interest in any kinds of amusement activities as.  She is very happy with it because it is just like a notebook which she can easily take to school or even share it with her classmates.  She has even more music and movies downloaded on it than I have. It didn’t take her so long to learn how to operate it since it can be easily operated. She told me that she has also used the Sony BDP-SX1000 in practicing her groups dance number which she and her friends are going to present in their school’s program.  I was really ghappy that the Sony BDP-SX1000 has been a great help to my sister’s curricular activities too.

Sony BDP-SX1000 Review Conclusion

timmiAs far as I am concerned, this is one entertainment gadget that met my needs in terms of my amusement purposes. I really have so much fun using it.

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