Sony BDP-SX1000

Feb 20, 2012

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Sony BDP-SX1000 Our family loves to go on road trips and since our children are still at that age when they always have to be entertained, my wife and I decided to invest in a portable disc player. It would mainly be used for travels and occasionally at home, when our TV is being occupied by us while our children want to watch one of their Disney movies. We often looked around electronic stores for a decent one but would never find one that we really liked. They all seemed a little on the cheap side; not in price but in built. For something that’s going to be towed around from here to there and would even maybe suffer the occasional drop or bang, I wanted something that was durable as well as functional.


This Portable Player Is Touch Based

While I was surfing the net, I found myself on Amazon and decided to look there for one. I saw the Sony BDP SX1000 and knew almost instantly that with its light weight and black and seamless design this one would be perfect for us. I also like that the controls are touch based, like that of an iPhone or touch phone. The Sony BDP-SX1000 is a portable Blu-ray disc player. It has so many neat features like a flip screen that can swivel and turn angles up to 180 degrees. I also like how you can flip the screen away from the disc insert area where buttons are present. This will minimize the temptation of pushing buttons, stopping and starting the disk, and shutting down the player while a disc is actively running.

Sony BDP-SX1000The screen on the SX1000 is about 10.1 inches long, which makes for perfect viewing. The pictures aren’t small at all and you can easily view the screen from 4 feet away. Its high resolution display is so bright and clear. I didn’t really expect high definition images like that from a portable disc player, but it was a lovely surprise. I can rest assure knowing that my children aren’t straining their eyes to watch something fuzzy and unclear. Sometimes I bring the disc player to bed and my wife and enjoy a quick movie before we sleep. The Sony BDP-SX1000 has a battery life of about 5 hours per charge. It’s sufficient enough for our road trips since they’re usually short and we always make a pit stop every 2-3 hours. It also fits perfectly in our DVD case that we had from our old portable DVD player. This player is really great and so far I have no real complaints. The only negative I can think about at this point would have to be in regards to the fast that it doesn’t come with a remote control. Other than that, it’s great.


Sony Portable Blu-Ray Disc Player BDP-SX1000 Video Demonstration



What Other Buyers Are Saying

[testimonial testimonialimgurl="" tessize="small" style="TI"]This blu-ray player is just what I was looking for when I deployed. There were alot of movies that I wanted to watch in blu-ray quality. The swivel function and remote made it convenient for use, and it’s size made it very portable, especially when traveling. I used an HDMI to DVI converter to hook it up to a computer monitor and had 22″ HD movies at my disposal. [/testimonial]

[testimonial testimonialimgurl="" tessize="small" style="TI"]ONY inventor of Blu-ray and this is their first Portable Blu-ray. They took their time because now they can offer big player features and more in this OUTSTANDING PORTABLE!!!! ENJOY IT!!!! A MUST HAVE Unit, buy it intergrates with other Sony technology very nicely!!!! Great value, very sturdy design and streamlined. A beauty!!! [/testimonial]

[testimonial testimonialimgurl="" tessize="small" style="TI"]This product works great. Prior to testing I connected it up to Ethernet and ran its built in Software Update. After installing the latest firmware I began testing. It played back every disc I tried with no problems. The quality of the display is excellent. [/testimonial]

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Review Conclusion

davidIf you like to watch movies on the go, then the Sony BDP SX1000 is a nice option. View your movies on a bright, clear screen that won’t hurt your eyes, but rather enhance the movie watching experience. Aside from just watching movies on, they’re also a great way to keep the kiddos silent and entertained. We never leave home without the SX1000 portable Blu-ray disc player.


Best Price

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