Logitech Harmony One

Mar 5, 2012

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Logitech Harmony OneLogitech is a well-known brand name in the market, especially when it comes to PC accessories such as webcams. However, the company has stretched its nets to include other consumer electronic products such as remote control. The latest product to be released by the company that will blow off the minds of most consumers is the one touch Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Control.


Access Virtually All Electronic Brands

Logitech Harmony OneGiven that most consumers have more than three electronic devices that use remote, for example, DVD, television and stereo system amongst others, the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote is a product that has long been overdue. This stylish and nicely built remote control will enable you to access virtually all electronic brands in your house that utilize remote control.


No More Stress!

Perhaps one of the benefits that you stand to gain by using this remote control is that it will seamlessly manage over 15 entertainment devices in your home. This in turn relieves you from the stress of replacing the batteries in your remote controls every time and having to rummage through your pile of remote controls to find the right one. The Logitech Harmony Universal Remote control works with game consoles, HDTVs, stereo receivers, DVD players and iPods amongst a myriad of other electronic devices.

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Features And Specifications

The following are some of the features that make this product a cut above the rest:

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  • One touch simplicity: By a single touch you can access multiple electronic devices. Hence, if you have gaming consoles, DVDs and stereo receivers you can control all of them using a single remote control.
  • Supports 5000 plus electronic brands: As the name suggest, the one touch remote control from Logitech is a universal device and can be used with hundreds of electronic brands. While some customers may be worried that this gadget may become obsolete with advancement in technology, you will be happy to hear that it has been built to be compatible with emerging technology. All you have to do is update the firmware through your laptop or desktop PC.
  • Ergonomic design: The beauty of this remote control is not in its power to control multiple electronic devices but also in its simplistic design. The ergonomic design ensures that you can easily hold the remote and that it can easily blend well with the interior décor in your home.
  • Help button: This has been included so as to ensure that you do not get stuck while using the remote control.
  • Live Support: In case you hit a snag while using the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote, you can use the live support to get assistance.
  • One year warranty: The manufacturer has included a one year warranty within which all technical details will be addressed at no cost.


One Remote for Everything

What Other Buyers Are Saying

One way through which you can gauge the performance of a product in the market is by reviewing consumer feedbacks and comments. For starters, most consumers were shocked at the price. For such a paltry amount, they were able to receive so much more. However, a majority of consumers were happy about the fact that they no longer needed to have up to 3 remote controls next to them so that they can enjoy entertainment in their homes.


[testimonial testimonialimgurl="" tessize="small" style="TI"]The setup it was pretty easy considering it has over 5,000 devices on its database… at first the default setup wont leave you impressed but once you get the hang of it and you costumize the way you want it to work its the best controller ever…!! works perfect with my samsung led tv onkyo receiver xbox 360 and wd tv live hub i recommend it [/testimonial]

[testimonial testimonialimgurl="" tessize="small" style="TI"]I have only owned this remote for about a week, but so far I have NO complaints. My experience is likely improved by the fact that I didn’t have to go through the initial set up again, but as I said, that isn’t too bad either. [/testimonial]

[testimonial testimonialimgurl="" tessize="small" style="TI"]I highly recommend this remote and I would buy it again if anything happened to this one. [/testimonial]

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Best Price

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Logitech Harmony One best price


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