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Mar 18, 2012


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LG BD550 reviewTwo weeks back, when I started using the LG BD550 blu ray player, I did not know how satisfying it would make my visual experiences to be. Among the other entry-level blu ray players in the market, I am kind of inclined to this LG model because of the stunning graphics rendering and catchy user interfaces. In addition, the cost was a whopping 100$ less than the step-up models that just had just Wi-Fi as an extra feature and the visual rendering is virtually the same as this one. The design is almost similar to the advanced model – BD570, although the major difference lies in the front panel cover. The BD570 model players had one complete flip-down door whereas the 550s are split into 3 compartments – disc tray on the left most, eject and power buttons in the centre and a flip down door for the right panel buttons. This design looks unique and neat. I could not think of a better remote that I got acquainted with much quicker than that of this. I almost never had problems in finding the buttons without even seeing them. The single USB port is useful for me to quickly view my photos and videos anytime.


The User Interface Is Pretty Good

LG BD550Although the user interface is not as easy as one of its predecessors BD390, it still stands apart and solves the purpose. The home screen just portrays the high level options like photos, videos and the most interesting one- Netcast. The video streaming services are sorted under the Netcast option because the home screen could not fit in all the available features. All the services under Netcast are above par and especially Netflix streaming is really fast and crystal clear.


Exceptional Netflix Streaming

netflixFinally, it is good to see that at least one player could provide exceptional Netflix streaming.  – Because of this feature LG BD550 is listed as the second best Blu Ray Player With Netflix 2012. -  YouTube is another interesting feature to stream videos by connecting the blu ray player to the internet cable. It is very exciting to note that the default output of the player is 1080i and there is no need to reconfigure the settings. Vudu is another major addition to the media streaming services in the LG players, which is similar to the Netflix pay-per-view movie viewing concept. Being an entry level blu ray player, the 550 lacks Wi-Fi feature which can be accepted considering the other features like rich online media streaming services.


Blu Ray And Image Rendering Quality

The main pride of the BD550 player is its blu ray and image rendering quality for a basic level player division. The HD movie experience on my BD550 made me feel that this should be the way to watch my favourite movies in high definition. As the manufacturer claims, there is a notable increase in the clarity of DVD images due to “DVD up-scaling”. Another addition to the merits is the real Dolby DTS effect that almost sinks you into the movies. The most pulling factor that I noticed of this player in comparison to the others is the disc load and streaming speeds. It is really quick and sometimes the load time is lesser than other upper models of LG. Even the boot up time for the player is noticeably low and the player seems to be ready before I could return back to my couch.


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What Other Buyers Are Saying

[testimonial testimonialimgurl="" tessize="small" style="TI"]I’m very pleased with this LG BD550 product. I wanted a product that would (a) play Blu-Ray Discs, and (b) let me watch streaming movies/shows over the internet using my Netflix account. This does both.[/testimonial]

[testimonial testimonialimgurl="" tessize="small" style="TI"]The player is very easy to use, and I didn’t even read the written menu. All I did was plugging in the powerline and ethernet cable to my router, playing with the remote, scrolling the various menu up and down, and making some setup choices including network connection and the firmware update. The firmwares did take several minutes to load and update though.[/testimonial]

[testimonial testimonialimgurl="" tessize="small" style="TI"]Overall, I highly recommend this, and the price is outstanding. If you are looking for a DVD player, don’t even waste the money on old technology, just get this cheap BluRay player that’ll make your DVDs look so much better.[/testimonial]

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Review Conclusion

johnnie olsenAn incredibly simple user interface and great load speed would compel anyone to buy this entry level blu ray player. Considering the competing products, the LG BD550 blu ray players are definitely worth the money.


Best Price

The regular list price of LG BD550 is $249.50. However, you can get it at a special discounted price HERE. In case you are on a tight budget, you can also get a used or refurbished LG BD550 for around $70. If this is what you want to do I highly recommend getting it from Amazon, because third party merchants on Amazon can be 100% trusted. All payments are handeled by Amazon. In this way you can be sure that you will not be scammed and are getting a used blu ray player that works!

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