Firmware Update

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If you are the owner of a wi-fi enabled blu ray player please note that you
will need to update firmware. Below you can find a list of
manufacturers and direct links to Blu-ray player firmware update sites.


Some Firmware Basics

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  • Firmware is stored on ROM chips (read only memory)
  • Firmware can store their instructions permanently and do not require a power source. While firmware is permanent, it has the advantage of being rewritten.
  • Firmware can easily be rewritten enabling it to be upgraded with new features or to remove bugs and issues.
  • It extends the life of products adding more functionality to them.
  • Each time your electronic device boots up, firmware is booted as well.



 How to Upgrade 3D Blu-ray Player Firmware Wirelessly


Blu Ray Player Firmware Update Sites

Denon Firmware Updates
Insignia Firmware Updates
LG Firmware Updates
Magnavox Firmware Updates
Marantz Firmware Updates
Memorex Firmware Updates
Onkyo Firmware Updates
Oppo Firmware Updates
Panasonic Firmware Updates
Philips Firmware Updates
Pioneer Firmware Updates
Samsung Firmware Updates
Sharp Firmware Updates
Sony Firmware Updates
Sylvania Firmware Updates
Toshiba Firmware Updates
Vizio Firmware Updates
Yamaha Firmware Updates


Updating Blu-ray player firmware is not difficult and usually does not take more than some minutes. Just follow the instructions provided on the manuafacturer website.